Translations of the Tamil Writings of Sri Ramana

This section at present contains only my translation of Nāṉ Yār? (Who am I?), the most important prose work written by Sri Ramana, but I hope in future to include in it detailed and accurate word-for-word meanings and translations of all his original Tamil writings.

In the meanwhile, however, many old translations by Sri Sadhu Om and me are contained in some of the PDFs in the Books section of this website, including our word-for-word meanings and translations of most of the original Tamil verses of Sri Ramana, which are contained in Śrī Aruṇācala Stuti Pañcakam and Śrī Ramaṇōpadēśa Nūṉmālai.

Other old translations in the Books section include our translation of Guru Vācaka Kōvai, the most comprehensive and reliable collection of the sayings of Sri Ramana, recorded by Sri Muruganar, and our translation of Sādhanai Sāram (The Essence of Spiritual Practice), a collection of verses composed by Sri Sadhu Om on the practice of ātma-vicāra (self-investigation) and ātma-samarpaṇa (self-surrender).

Many of my more recent translations of the original Tamil writings of Sri Ramana, including not only all of Nāṉ Yār? but also all of Ēkātma Pañcakam and Āṉma-Viddai, and most of the verses of Upadēśa Undiyār and Uḷḷadu Nāṟpadu, are contained in Happiness and the Art of Being.

I have also included in this section a Bibliography of all the works of Sri Ramana that are cited and explained in Happiness and the Art of Being.